IPXV_Inst::ExecUICmd2 Method

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The method of interface of PDF-XChange Editor SDK.


HRESULT ExecUICmd2([in]                      LONG       nCmdID,
                   [in, defaultvalue(NULL)]  IUIX_Obj*  pOwner);


[in] The unique identifier of UI-command. You may convert the sting name to number by IPXV_Inst::Str2ID method.
[in, defaultvalue(NULL)] The optional pointer to IUIX_Obj that species context of executing. See more details: IPXV_Inst::ExecUICmd.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if operation was successful or error code in other cases.

See Also

IPXV_Inst, IPXV_Inst::ExecUICmd IPXV_Inst::Str2ID