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The operation allows to add new file attachment to the specified document. The attachment must be an existing file with valid path.


Name Type Description
Input Array Array of IUnknown-based objects that should contain the IPXC_Document to which the attachments should be added. Note that only the first element from the array will be evaluated.
Output Array Array of IUnknown-based objects containing the newly created IPXC_FileSpec.
Options Dictionary Dictionary with options of the operation.


private void AddAttachment(PDFXEdit.IPXV_Document Doc, PDFXEdit.IPXV_Inst Inst)
	int nID = Inst.Str2ID("op.attachments.add", false);
	PDFXEdit.IOperation Op = Inst.CreateOp(nID);
	PDFXEdit.ICabNode input = Op.Params.Root["Input"];
	input.Add().v = Doc;
	PDFXEdit.ICabNode options = Op.Params.Root["Options"];
	PDFXEdit.IAFS_Inst fsInst = (PDFXEdit.IAFS_Inst)Inst.GetExtension("AFS");
	PDFXEdit.IAFS_Name destPath = fsInst.DefaultFileSys.StringToName("D:\\TestImage.png"); //Converting string to name
	options["FileName"].v = destPath;
	options["Description"].v = "Your Description Here";